The proposed project would develop three massive, 160-foot condo towers with 260 luxury residential units. As comparison, the hugely unpopular Museum House condo project (nearly 14,000 people initiated a referendum to successfully block it) was one condo tower with 100 units. This project is nearly three times the size of Museum House. Newport residents have already spoken forcefully - we don't want giant condo towers like this! The Planning Commission and City Council should recognize that fact and deny this project.


developer's graphic of THE THREE PROPOSED high-density condo towers:

Elevation 1.jpg

dense condo towers degrade quality of life 

When you think of how nice it is to live in Newport Beach, do you think that adding numerous massive condo towers across the city will be a quality of life improvement? Neither do we.         High-density condo towers are ugly and they bring dozens of negative consequences, including traffic, view blockage, pollution, population crowding and much more


Not the direction the city should go

Think of other cities or areas with enormous condo towers. Los Angeles. South Florida. New York. Dense condo towers are a visual blight in what could otherwise be a nice area. Gridlocked traffic, pollution, crowding and a range of other problems quickly become defining characteristics of areas with dense condos. This scenario is one we must avoid for our community. The Koll Residences will be a giant leap in the wrong direction for Newport Beach. This project is poor planning on a grand scale - and residents like you will be left to shoulder the consequences. Residents, business owners and the character of our city should not be forced to bear the burden of irresponsible, high-density development like the Koll Residences.

High-density condo towers degrade quality of life - they don’t improve it.