Prevent the Urbanization of Newport Beach

Daily Pilot - June 8, 2018

I am writing to add my concern and voice to the growing number of Newport Beach residents who disapprove of the proposed Koll Center development.

I have lived in Newport for over 30 years. We used to be a small beach town with few high rises and lovely quality of life. I realize things must change, but our city needs to grow responsibly with regards to traffic, density and impact on our schools.

I drove daily to downtown L.A. for decades and it was always a relief to come home every night to a breath of fresh air. Let's work together to keep Newport a place we love!

Janine Allen
Newport Beach

More Opposition to Koll Center

StuNews - May 11, 2018

This is to express my opposition to the Koll Center, an over-sized high-rise complex of luxury units.

When we residents of Newport Beach approved the new General Plan in 2006, we were promised a reduction of traffic and of building. The exact opposite has happened!

For instance, the Koll Center was described as a mid-rise building. Now it has morphed into an over-sized high-rise complex of luxury units! 

It is time for our City to keep its promises and say “NO!” to the Koll condos!


Jeanne Fobes
Newport Beach

Look at Uptown Before Approving Koll

Daily Pilot - May 8, 2018

 Uptown Newport, the Shopoff Group's residential and affordable housing project on Jamboree Road, is under construction. When complete, this enormous development will include over 1,200 residential units ranging in height from 30 to 150 feet. As part of the development agreement with the city, the Shopoff Group promised pedestrian-friendly design and a mixed use, including retail and food services.

The project anticipates over 8,000 vehicle trips a day and this delay will certainly increase traffic on our local streets, which negatively alters the estimated impact of the project. Many of us wrote letters to the city and attended public hearings to express just such concerns, and now they are a reality.

The Shopoff Group is now pushing a second massive residential project in very close proximity to Uptown. In comparison, the newly proposed Koll Residences project would exceed heights in Uptown, with three massive monolithic buildings, 160 feet in height. Though the city's vision was for mixed use and pedestrian-friendly design, Koll Residences will put 580 residents in the middle of a functioning business park with few services and likely nothing more than a coffee shop for its "mixed use" component.

It is imprudent for the city to allow the Koll Center Residences to move forward based upon an outdated General Plan and without a coordinated vision of the airport area and without first assessing the impact of Uptown Newport project on the community.

Jim Hasty
Newport Beach