Koll Businesses Opposed to Proposed Condo Towers

StuNew - April 27, 2018

Where Should Newport Beach Grow? Wrong question for a developer to ask in a glossy brochure mailed to Newport Beach residents.  There is no mandate for Newport to grow and negatively impact it’s current residents. Koll Center Residences (KCR) is all about developer fees and not about quality of living or working in Newport Beach. 

I have had an office in Koll Center Newport since 1987 and am currently a building owner next to the proposed KCR development. As a property owner I respect property rights, however this development is in the common area managed by Koll Center Newport. The officeowner’s association should be representing the interests of the building owners in Koll Center and not an outside developer.  This is like a homeowner’s association selling off a park for development and pocketing the money. 

There is a misconception that if there are residential units in the airport area, people will live and work there.  None of my employees would want to purchase a multi-million dollar condo. Why? It is in an office parking lot. What is appealing about that? And, it certainly exceeds the price point for software developers. 

Koll Center and the immediate area is loud due to the airport and vehicle traffic noise.  It lacks residential shopping, entertainment, services, and neighborhood schools.  If growth is pushed over to the airport, the traffic will increase.  There are many reasons why the citizens of Newport Beach passed Greenlight and defeated Measure Y—to maintain quality of life.  It turns out that over by the airport is also in everyone’s backyard.

Fred Fourcher
CEO, Bitcentral Inc.