An Alternative to Proposed Koll Project

Daily Pilot - March 30, 2018

The developers are planning to build 260 very large condominiums stacked inside three, 13-story towers on top of parking lots currently located within a large office complex. They are being marketed to people without children who are supposedly looking for a "luxury" residence and have over $2 million to spend for it. I'm not sure a condo in the middle of an office park is what they're looking for, no matter how luxurious it might be.

But nearby housing in the area is what the folks who work inside those offices want and need. Right now they're making up to two-hour commutes to work every day from what are currently the only affordable homes in the area. How about building some moderately priced town houses for them on this property?

Add a little nursery school, a playground in a park and a little market. In 10 minutes the residents can walk to work, and as they're walking home, pick up their child from nursery school and buy a bottle of milk from the mini-mart. And they can do all of this without once getting into the car and adding to our miserable traffic congestion. Nice for them and nice for us.

Andrea Lingle
Newport Beach