Planned Condo Towers Seem Out of Place

StuNews - April 3, 2018

I used to work in a four-story office building in Koll Center Newport and still have friends there who’ve been worrying lately about a new project that is being proposed next door called the Koll Center Residences. It is apparently three very large condo towers that will be put where the parking lots have been for the offices. They will tower over the next-door business properties and force workers to park farther away in another bulky parking garage.   

Even though Koll Center Newport is a fairly intense business complex by previous Newport standards, it was well laid out and provides a pleasant place to work with an open feeling that is a big relief from maneuvering around Los Angeles. 

Putting three bulky 160-foot high, luxury condominium towers in this location just seems out-of-place, out-of-scale and out-of-order. Are the people who work there going to be able to live in these very large luxury condos? It makes me seriously wonder who thinks up these things.

Thank you for considering publishing this so that other Newport Beach residents can be made aware and weigh in before it’s too late.

Tamara Watt
Newport Beach