Picture what you cherish about the quality of life in beautiful Newport Beach. Undoubtedly, you are not picturing looming, 160-foot tall, high-density condo towers. Like the Museum House, if the Koll/Shopoff condo tower proposal is not stopped, Newport Beach is at risk of massive condo towers spreading throughout Newport Beach.


Reasonable development proposals that fit the character and quality of life of Newport Beach should be supported. But the Koll/Shopoff condo towers do not meet that criteria and present substantial negative impacts to the residents. There is broad consensus among Newport Beach residents that we don't want high-density, "big city" development to degrade our quaint and successful city.  



Jamboree, MacArthur and Von Karman - all immediately adjacent to the project - are already terribly impacted by traffic. This project would cram hundreds more units into an area already suffering from overdevelopment. The traffic jams occurring around the project mirror other cities with high-density condo towers -- they are always choked with awful traffic.


lack of services

The surrounding area is an office zone and does not provide adequate residential amenities such as grocery stores, retail, playgrounds and schools. The proposed project fundamentally lacks the services necessary to support such a massive residential development.


5-7 years of construction

More than 5,000 new units are being constructed in this border area of Newport Beach/Irvine. The associated air pollution and traffic delays are already creating huge problems. The project proposes an approximately 5-year construction timeframe, which in "construction reality" means years longer. Construction-related traffic and pollution from the project will be significant and will be exacerbated by the impacts from thousands of simultaneous units being built in the immediate vicinity.

negatively impacts AIRPORT

John Wayne Airport provides one of the most enjoyable and quality airport experiences in the nation. We should not degrade this exceptional airport experience by increasing traffic in the airport area, nor should we risk airplane safety with obstructive towers. A major pilot group is opposed to the project due to its location in the center of a key flight path.



The proposed project's large towers and associated impacts would create significant economic consequences to adjacent businesses. Numerous affected businesses have objected to the proposed project as being too dense and tall to be suitable for the area.


increased pollution

High-density developments like the proposed Koll Center Residences have a cumulative detrimental impact. For example, the proposed project would dramatically increase the number of cars in the area - and not just the cars driven by the new residents, but also all of the cars and trucks from their service providers (delivery services, childcare, facilities maintenance, etc.), thereby substantially increasing the pollution entering our air. Newport Beach residents don't want to live in the shadows of high-density condo towers, nor do we want to breathe the pollution and smog they create.